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…and then it was off to Málaga

After a lot of San Juan revelry, my first Spanish exam, and an “eventful” night, I was running awake for 48 hours with 2 hours of sleep.  As I like to say, there’s nothing a little caffeine can’t fix.  At 5:45am, I was off to the airport for the first stop on my Andalucian adventure: Málaga.  An even better treat: my dad made a stop in Spain to hang out with me on Saturday.


After catching up over a caña with my dad, we headed over to a tapas bar (El Tapeo de Cervantes) for dinner.  My dad and I caught up on life and strategized my move to Chicago.  (I honestly have no idea how I am going to pull this off.)  It only took two days for me to be known as a “regular” here and to have the bartender sneaking single malts my way.


Next stop: Córdoba!

El último día…


Time really flies.  I can’t believe that today is my last full day in Spain.  With this in mind, I tried to cram as much in today as I possibly could.  Looking at a map of Madrid, I can’t believe how far I walked today!  I’ve earned myself some turron gelato.  I hopped on the Metro at Puerto de Sol…


The first item on the agenda was to head over to the Reina Sofia, which is basically a modern art museum (all 20th century works).  There are so many incredible works by Dalí and Picasso, who happen to be two of my favorite artists.  The Spanish Civil War gallery was the most emotionally moving.  Room after room of photographs and propaganda depict victims, combat scenes, and just this general sense of hopelessness in the faces of the individuals photographed.  It’s scary to think that this occured about 70 years ago – not long ago at all.


When I saw Picasso’s “Guernica,” I welled up with tears.  Really corny, but true.  I was able to sense the despair, the emotion, and the suffering inflicted on the figures of the painting.  Winston Churchill’s quote came to mind: “There is no such thing as a good war or a bad peace.”  Photos do not do ”Guernica” justice.  To be able to see the brushstrokes, lines, how the canvas is broken up…it is truly a masterpiece.



For lunch, we headed to the Mercado de San Miguel.  I had my last serving of percebes that I will probably see for a while.  My last meal on earth will be Percebes and a glass of 2001 white Rioja.  That’s how much I love them.



I walked towards the Jardines de Sabatini, where they were setting up for a concert that will be happening this weekend.  Madrid has so many parks and outdoor areas – it seems like a great city to catch outdoor performances.


Then it was time to head over to Plaza de La Cibeles, which is basically Madrid’s version of the Financial District.  If you’ve seen a postcard of Madrid, it’s the fountain with Cybele and the two lions.  This is also where Real Madrid hosts its parties when they win major titles!  Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of construction happening in the moment and most of my photos were obstructed with scaffolding and cranes.


As for the “last supper” in Spain – it involved jamon, tripe, and lots of other goodies…mmm.  And yes, there was some turron gelato in the mix 🙂

Well, it wasn’t really the “last supper” – I know for a fact that I will be back in a year or so.  In what sort of capacity, is yet to be determined.  All a part of following my dreams.

In case you were wondering how Jen and I have been on “teh interwebs” the past couple of days: