Monthly Archives: December 2011

…and I’m back!

Normally, my plane rides are pretty eventless.  Yesterday, however, I had the honor and distinction of sitting next to this Catalan guy who proceeded to tell me how odd I am (“So, my kids want to go to the US to study and you want to come HERE?”) and that I speak in circles (“like a typical Galician.”).  Deep down on the inside he must have really liked me though, because 7 hours later (well, 9 if you count the delays), I had an invitation to visit him and his family in Barcelona.  Next summer!


All of the delays meant that getting to my connection was going to be tricky.  After running at light speed to the extreme end of Terminal 4 (Gate 92, to be exact) and not allowing myself to be distracted by the faint smell of coffee and remembering how badly I needed one, I was the final passenger on the flight headed to Vigo.


50 minutes later…and I arrived!  I can’t even put into words how happy I was to see everyone.  Hugs, kisses everything.  Their first reactions as we made our way into the parking garage:


“Oh wow, you’ve gotten so skinny.  Are you eating at school?  Do your parents know how much weight you’ve lost?”

“What happened to your Spanish?  You speak with an American accent now!”

“Do you have a boyfriend at school?  Why not?  You know, if you return to Vigo next summer, you’d have an internship AND a boyfriend.”


I’m glad that parents are parents no matter where in the world you are; I love it. 🙂


So not only am I odd, but I am a great distraction tool.  Little Andrea was so excited that she was unable to focus for her evening classes and the professor told her it was better to stay home.  So of course, I was up with her, and she was telling me all about the past few months and planning all of these adventures for us.


I also met one of Mary’s students last night.  Her younger sister is looking to move to Chicago for her PhD and wants to know more about the city before enrolling in the short exchange program.  It looks like I’ll be meeting with the two of them next week.


Next week, I’m headed to Terras Gauda to speak with some of the directors, I’ll be meeting a couple in Vigo that knows “everyone” in the wine business in Rias Baixas, and I’m headed to a reception for female entrepreneurs in Vigo.


Because I did not pack my 60D and my new super-wide angle lens for nothing, I’m hoping to head to Leon for a day and a half with my good friend Laura!  Salamanca was going to be a bit far for such a short trip, but next time that we’re both in Spain together, I will pay her a visit.  (After typing this, I realized that I forgot to pack the cable for my camera so I’ll have to add photos once I’m back in the US.  Oops.)


Did I mention how horribly jetlagged I was?  I was practically sleeping at the dinner table last night.  I’ll have to cut this short, but after a glorious 12 hours of sleep, it’s time for a coffee and to get to work!