Caldo Gallego: Spanish Cuisine 101

My immune system is failing me.  AND I’m pressed for time.  AND I have zero appetite.  So when I’m feeling under the weather and need to keep my strength, what better cure than an easy-to-prepare, hearty soup?  Most recently, I fixed up some Caldo Gallego.


Caldo Gallego is a typical soup of Galicia.  There really is no wrong way to prepare the soup; each person has their own artistic liberty with the components.  Ingredients that are consistent from variant to variant are turnip greens (or kale) and potatoes.  Some people add lard to the broth to give the soup some flavor, but I live the lie of trying to be healthy and use chorizo to flavor the broth.  (You can also use ham.)  Another variant; I like to add fabada beans in order to get protein.

Eating and powernapping – sounds like the perfect cure.

Have you had caldo gallego before?  If so, what are your favorite ingredients to include?  Even if you haven’t had caldo gallego before, isn’t soup a great cold weather food?  Leave me a comment and let me know (techniques to fight a cold are also welcome!).



One thought on “Caldo Gallego: Spanish Cuisine 101

  1. Dana Fortini

    I remember when you cooked me the spinach and tofu soup when I was under the weather a while back. It was so good! 🙂


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