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un intermedio…

Pardon my departure from traditional themes, but I do have a bit of news to share with you.

First of all, I am well on my way (about 80% there) to securing my visa and to be a student at the University of Vigo this summer.  This is Plan D, assuming that Plans A through C do not occur.

It was actually someone who was once dear to me who taught me the valuable lesson to not vest myself completely in one thing.

So, in the midst of everything that has been happening, I have a contingency plan and have worked to 1) secure a visa to live in Spain, 2) secure a host family in the region of Spain that I feel would be most beneficial to my career goals, and 3) enroll in a school where I will be taking relevant courses towards my career goals.

But as I reflect on the past month or so, where I have had the opportunity to collect my thoughts, create a comic book (storyline, sketches, to final product…it was all me!), create a board game (playing card copy, board game design, tokens, the BOX the game comes in…yup, I did it!), and be involved in some pretty great initiatives, I have achieved something I am very proud of.


Stern Top Chef Pizza Challenge: a success!

Picture this: I have been given the tremendous responsibility of publicizing the recent undergraduate alumni council’s biggest social event of 2010.  It took some deft maneuvering around a lot of the red tape that working for an organization as large as Stern presents, but I managed.  Viral and grassroots approaches were the sure way to go.  So as I tweeted, emailed, posted to Facebook, formulated contests to create incentives to participation, wondering if this all ultimately mattered…it came together…


My good friend Alvin (who so kindly hooked me up with Rockmelt!) competing for the guts and the glory.  His team won second prize!

Things have been quite tumultuous on the leadership side of Stern administration of late.  In any case, towards the beginning of our event (which I had arrived early to prepare and set up for), no one from the administration was around to man the door.  So what did I do?  I greeted, checked all of our attendees in, and did some shameless plugging for our social media presence (man, did those Photoshop skills come in handy for the fliers I ran out of!).  With the help of Scott, I also made sure that plenty of moments were immortalized via my digital camera.  The event was a TREMENDOUS success.  We have not had turnout like this in quite some time.  Many of the attendees were first-time recent undergraduate alumni participants, which meant that I had done my part to foster meaningful engagement (and hopefully retention!).  I had never seen a collective group having so much fun and enjoying themselves.  Maybe it was the open bar, which I have successfully marketed to the finance community as “admission price arbitrage,” but I’d like to hope it’s something greater than that.


What do you mean you don’t like your pizza well-done?!

So what does this one whopper of a tangent have to do with anything remotely relevant to this blog?  This one particular achievement has further motivated me to excel and pursue the things that are important to me.  So, I am pursuing plans A through C, but you know what, in case those don’t work out, I have a wonderful opportunity in Galicia lined up for me.  I had to work for every single bit of this, but has it been worth it?  Without a doubt, yes.

Which leads me to another tangent, which may possibly be a Plan E…from talking to one of my best friends, half-jokingly, about starting a pretty interesting concept for a bar.  What was once a joke about me still rocking my “Cheer Up Emo Kid” patches, Buddy Holly glasses, and belting out Morrissey after a few beers may soon become a reality.  Stay tuned, everybody!

So back to where I started.  Clear your calendars from May to August if you’re interested in Albariño wine, hanging out on the beach, and learning Portuguese and Galician and perfecting your Spanish with me.